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Having the whole family in the airconditioning industry for the past 20 years means we have a vast amount of experience and a dedicated team of specialist who are passionate about what they do. We want to assist YOU in finding the best solution for your airconditioning needs, and not just sell you an airconditioning unit that is either under-capacity or an overkill for the area that needs to be cooled or heated at the most affordable price.

Based in Durban, South Africa, we offer sound technical advice, super fast response, great after sales service and above all the best prices in the area!

  We cover most household brands and offer the following services:

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
Split Unit

NOTE !!!!!

An airconditioning unit needs to be serviced at least every 6 months (depending on the conditions of the area) to stay in good working condition and to prevent very costly repairs or even replacement of the unit. An airconditioning unit is not just a bird’s nest or a dust collector… It’s there for your comfort and enjoyment!!! Have your airconditioning unit serviced at regular intervals and it will give you many years of service at the push of a button. A dirty, inefficient airconditioning unit uses twice the amount of electricity as that of a well maintained unit.

So no more sweaty nights, no more crying babies and no more hot flushes – and remember, a cool family is a happy family.

“So call us today for a quote or to book a service.”